Council News


Online Membership Incentive

Our Council is offering an Online Incentive for Yorkton for all those who join Online as new members before December24th, 2018.

The incentive is $10.00 off their Online membership fee of $30.00 and a beautiful Rosary of Our lady of Guadalupe.
The advantage of Online membership is the members who become Online me mbers receive information from Supreme on a regular basis and get educated about what the Knights of Columbus are all about. It also gives council officers a pool of online members to draw from and to reach out to them to help out with projects and to attend meetings.
Another advantage is they have the opportunity to start attending meetings and can get involved in council projects.
We can track who the committed members are and give them the opportunity to join the council later.

Check out the online application info site at


Christmas Caroling

1. Advent Christmas Caroling

The Knights of Columbus will be continuing the tradition of caroling at the Yorkton & District Nursing Home on Sunday December 2 at 2 pm at the Melody Manor (First South) wing.  Please come out for an hour of Christmas song and cheer that will lift the spirits of the residents.   Each family is asked to bring a small plate of dainties to share with the residents.


New Church Kneelers

St.Gerard's Church kneelers are aging and the Knights of Columbus are taking on to replace those aging kneelers.

  • There are 143 kneelers in the church.
  • The lineal feet of wood for the kneelers is 770 feet.
  • The lineal feet of high density foam for the kneelers is 770 feet.
  • The lineal feet of vinyl covering for the kneelers is 853 feet.
  • The project budget is $5,000.00.

The week of November 19th to 23rd was selected for the project  kneeler  construction  period.  Project managers are Eugene Kuemper and Clarence Parisloff.

Those  who volunteered  include:  Eugene  Kuemper,  Clarence Parisloff, Gary Colbow,  Al Flavel, Wayne Exner, Jeff Krasowski,  Harvey  Kolodziejak  Rejean  Houle,  John Curry,  Harvey  Zazula,  Paul  Tremblay,  Leonard Chicoine,  Matt  Bernat,  Jerrold  Malinowski,  Orest Machushek, Ryan Zaliuk and others.

So far 99 kneelers are finished and 44 more to go.
A big Thank You for all your hard work and dedication.


State Golf Tournament

The 2018 State Golf Tournament is held in Spiritwood, Saskatchewan.

To register, just download the registration form, print, fill out and mail it.


Ice Fishing at Crooked Lake

The Yorkton and Melville Knights of Columbus held their second Annual Family Fun Day of free ice fishing, some hockey, barbeque and fraternity.
The event was held at Melville Beach, Crooked Lake. Thanks go out to Wayne and Terry Exner, who lined up the food. Terry also provided his fireplace, his expertise of filleting, drilling holes and being supportive to parents and children who needed help to bait for fishing and also catching some fish.
Andrew helped with barbeque, tent(warm up) and the auger to drill holes. Andrew also supported parents and children and had a 7, 8,3 lb Northern Pike to make up a fine day of a catch. Thank you goes out to Ted Osicki and his cousin Erbach, who drilled holes and provided a portable port-o-potty. The people mentioned above and myself set up the site for the event of the day.
Thanks also go out to Johannes and Ingrid Prost for supplying the cake dessert. Thank you to Rejean Houle, who supported the event on behalf of the Council #2031. Special guests, Fr. Louis and Fr. Andrew from Yorkton and Melville respectfully, came and added extra excitement to the event. Fr. Louis, as unique an individual as he is, has this warm, energetic presents, in that people love about him and want to be around him. This Fr. Louis lit up the ice surface with his Vietnam friends, nuns and/or sisters. I’m not sure, I haven’t spoken to him on this yet.
The morning started out at a temp of -24 degrees, in the afternoon it came up to -16 degrees. There were approximately 50-60 people(including children) coming and going. In total, five fish were caught: 3 Northern Pike, 1 Perch, 1 Tulibee(White Fish). Some were filleted, barbequed and eaten on site. Tasty and you know what? 12 baskets were left over or there abouts.
Pictures were taken throughout the day and they are posted on line.

The weather may have been a little cold---that may have affected some people from coming. All in all, this event The Family Fun Day was very much a success and can only continue to get better. For people who are contemplating in coming, there is always next year, which is held every February FAMLY DAY.

Thank you to the parishioners and friends for your support and involvement on this special day. Thank you once again. Thank you to Karalyn Exner for supplying the pictures.

Take Care Out There,
Br. Brian Exner